30x2, 40x2 - Holy and Profane


時間:2014年6月1日至8月17日 Date: 1 Jun. - 17 Aug., 2014

開幕茶會:2015年6月1日下午二時 Opening Reception: 1 Jun., 2014 14:00

地點:路由藝術 Venue: NUNU FINE ART

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路由藝術在經歷了半年多的籌備,非常榮幸的向各位介紹這個全新的空間所要帶來的第一檔展演「30x2, 40x2-聖潔與世俗」。這個集結來自倫敦、紐約,台北、雷克雅維克、馬尼拉的六位傑出當代藝術家,分別處於30、40、60及80歲的年紀,在這個展演裡, 他們將為台灣的朋友坦白的呈現身為一個人,一個有能力透過藝術創作將情感、思想、渴望、質疑赤裸表現出來的一個女人最鏗鏘有力的伸展。

「30x2,40x2—聖潔與世俗」中被稱為英國當今最高齡的新銳藝術家 羅思 薇莉Rose Wylie)將呈現被泰德美術館收錄的作品Smartie Hen House,以及其80歲年紀創作出來的最新的紙上作品。已備受紐約大都會美術館、MoMA, 古根漢等肯定並收藏的紐約藝術家 佩塔 科因(Petah Coyne) 也將帶著她的創作 “Buddha Boy” 到亞洲首次曝光。除了她著名的雕塑創作外,展覽中也會有佩塔 科因 獨特且藝術家個人唯一一版的收藏作品,1997年的攝影作品 “Tear Drop Monks, Monk Series”。將區域拉回亞洲,馬尼拉這個在東南亞首屈一指的當代藝術市場中, 潘 桑托斯(Pam Santos) 過去十年在這個市場地圖中作品總是一出盡銷,然而其低調的性格,讓他沉穩的扮演好三個小男孩的母親,也因這個洗鍊的性格,讓他專注持續的帶來有溫度的作品。

30-39歲的這十年,往往是人生中最具嚼味的十年。走過20多歲的太過與不及,朝向逐步確信的40歲之後的人生。台灣藝術家張恩慈 (En-Tzu Chang),英國藝術家 瑪雅 海薇(Maya Hewitt), 冰島藝術家 索迪絲(Thordis Adalsteinsdottir) 的作品將絲絲入扣的分享她們走在這個人生路的心得。他們的作品是詭異的氛圍,或是超寫實的奇想,是個人渴望的表述,還是假借他人的想像,不論是那一個真實,穿過畫布上的圖騰帶來的將是觀者反芻後的自己。

「30x2,40x2—聖潔與世俗」將於6月1日下午2點帶來精彩的藝術家對話 。

After more than six month in preparation, Nunu Fine Art is proud to present its opening exhibition at its brand new space. 【30 x 2 / 40 x 2 : Holy and Profane】 is a joint exhibition of six brilliant artists from London, New York, Taipei, Reykjavik and Manila, respectively in their 30s, 40s, 60, and 80s. In their works, they reveal to the audience their commanding ability as humans, moreover as women, to unflinchingly and powerfully express their raw emotions, thoughts, desires and doubts through the creative process.

Among the showing artists is Rose Wylie, often referred to as Britain’s oldest emerging artist. She will be showing her “Smartie Hen House”, part of the Tate’s collection, as well as her most recent works on paper, created at the age of 80. Petah Coyne, highly recognized and collected by the MET, MoMA and the Guggenheim Museum, will be showing her “Buddha Boy” in Asia for the first time. Apart from her highly acclaimed sculptural work, Coyne will also be showing, from her own collection, the only copy in existence of her 1997 photographic work “Tear Drop Monks, Monk Series” in this exhibition.

Representing Manila, the leading market of South East Asian contemporary art, is Pam Santos. Her works have been flying off the shelves for the past decade, yet her quiet nature permits her to be mother of three boys at the same time. It is also this finesse in her character that gives her focus and allows her to continuously produce compassionate work.

The 30s tend to be the most delectable years of our lives. With the haste and wants of the 20s behind us, we sure-footedly progress towards the 40s. Taiwanese artist En-Tzu Chang, British artist Maya Hawitt and Icelanding artist Thordis Adelsteinsdottir are all relishing this stage of life. Their works either seem outlandish or surreal, depicting personal desires or borrow from the imagination of others. Whichever is true, what is left on the canvas is but the ruminant image of the viewer.

【30 x 2 / 40 x 2 : Holy and Profane】 opens at 2 pm on 1 June with artist talk, please come and join us.