受控下的偶然 Controlled Coincidence

展覽時間 Duration:2016 年 3 月 31 號至 2016 年 5 月 8 號

開幕茶會 Opening Reception:2016 年 3 月 31 號 19:00

藝術家 Artist:丹麥 Danmark - 希瑞.克蘭斯魯德 Siri Kollandsrud、印尼 Indonesia - 依亞拜迪歐.匹可 Iabadiou Piko、日本 Japan - 桑久保 徹 Toru Kuwakubo 、北愛爾蘭  Northern Ireland - 羅迪尼.狄克森 Rodney Dickson

地點 Venue:台北市中正區金山南路一段67巷5號1樓 No. 5, Lane 67, Section 1, Jinshan South Rd, Zhongzheng District, Taipei 

關於展覽 受控下的偶然



印尼裔的亞拜迪歐.匹可(Iabadiou Piko),他作品中奔騰的色彩和線條,碰撞出萬千的思緒起伏。其創作風格直覺地讓人聯想到西方世界中的表現主義大師們,然匹可卻又能在那強烈的風格下自然而不造作地以圖騰跟色調呈現屬於東南亞地區的直覺原始性,展現了對源自不同文化背景之風格的卓越駕馭能力。同樣來自亞洲的桑久保徹(Toru Kuwakubo)則展演了另一幅亞洲文化景觀。日籍的桑久保擅以明顯的油畫肌理來表現溫柔細緻的光影變化,評論常將之視為印象派的實踐,但兩者根本性的不同在於桑久保描繪的並非現實的場景而是一幕幕藝術家自身的內心圖像。非寫實的畫面,加上靈性躍動的筆觸,擷錄了專屬日本民族那幽微而詩意地轉瞬光景。

這兩位藝術家皆以內在的個人體驗,賦予作品跳脫平凡的獨特生命軌跡。可對丹麥藝術家希瑞.克蘭斯魯德(Siri kollandsrud)和紐約藝術家羅迪尼.狄克森(Rodney Dickson)來說,他們接近繪畫的解答,卻是在於創作時不可取代的當下感。希瑞的作品追求的是繪畫本身掙脫創作者主觀意志後所觸發的機遇,並用藝術家的直覺去攫取發生的每刻。近似紐約Fluxus以及抽象表現的概念,因希瑞圓滑完滿的陰性特質有了全然不同地詮釋。去年初曾在路由藝術舉辦個展的羅迪尼也持同希瑞相似的概念,隨性地揮灑油彩的動態軌跡,堆疊出時間和空間意象,只是今年起羅迪尼進一步地選擇在創作的最後利用刮刀一筆將所有油彩剔除。此種做法除具有其哲學性的意涵外,也將原先埋藏在表面下不可見的,顏料與顏料間偶發的效果以及變化完整表露。


After two installation exhibitions, Nunu Fine Art is about to return to the basic of art, which is the paintings.While often being viewed as a familiar medium, paintings could be more difficult than other rest of the materials, as it has already been explored by so many ancestors, no matter on its style or form.Getting rid of the tagging from the history of art itself and searching for an innovative way to reflect the artist’s true essence has become an issue that every contemporary painters must deal with.

The four painters that Nunu Fine Art represents for the exhibition this time still more or less inherit the traits from the previous principles in history. However, all of the four painters have shared the similar spirit of continuously questioning themselves for the nature of art, making them dedicated fully to explore their own idea of the final possible answer in art.

The indonesian artist Iabadiou Piko,his creations burst with strong colours and elements, showing its rich internal world.His style could be related to expressionism easily, but at the same time spontaneously maintains his own instinct by featuring regional totem and tone. The results of Piko’s artworks demonstrate his extraordinary ability of managing and blending styles from different culture streams. Another Asian artist Toru Kuwakubo shows audience a different spectrum of Asian culture. Known for his unique texture to present the subtle transformation of light, Kuwakubo has often been viewed as an executer of impressionism. However, there is a basic difference between the artist’s concept and the classic principle: the scenes are all based on the artist’s virtual mind instead of reality. The non-realistic scenes with the vigorous strokes record the poetic and trivial personal moments of the Japanese artist.

Both Toru and Piko utilise their own experience to grant their work a  sense of character, but for artist Siri and Rodney Dickson, nothing is more vital than the irreplaceable moment of painting.Siri believes that without fully controlling the paintings,coincidence will bring rhythm and harmony to the works. The concept is similar with Fluxus school and abstract expressionism. But even though under the same concept, the feminine tone in her practice render a fresh explanation.

Rodney Dickson is holding a similar concept with Siri as well. Within his famous thick oil paintings, he randomly traced the motion of paintings, and piled up the imagery of time and space.Furthermore,in his latest series, he chose to scrap all the pigments off as the last step of his creation process. Besides the hidden philosophical meaning,the action discovered the coincident effects of different colours that is invisible before.

The four artists has given their individual answer through their practice. If it’s necessary to name an particular answer,「Controlled Coincidence」 could be the closest idea that all of the 4 artists have expressed. The contrastive but complementary idea creates an opportunity for every painter to escape the frame of history, paving a road that couldn’t be predict nor replace.