NUNU FINE ART 成立發展至今,秉持著創立之初為提升台灣當代藝術的視野而介紹許多國際知名的藝術大師來台,平行之於大師展覽,也同時在路由藝術規劃許多非傳統商業藝廊型式的展演。

終於在創立於三年之際,我們決定正式推出新型態展覽計畫之平台—NU PROJECT,在 NU PROJECT的計劃中,將不侷限創作媒材與形式,邀請新銳藝術家,以連結在地文化為計畫核心,透過駐村、現地創作等方式,提供大眾當代藝術閱讀的多元角度。

As its main prospect of enhancing the vision of contemporary art in Taiwan, NUNU FINE ART has been displaying exhibitions of internationally renowned artists since its establishment in  2014; in the meanwhile, we are scheming out several experimental projects that are not usually seen in commercial galleries.

Finally in 2017, the third anniversaries of the gallery, we are pleased to launch “NU PROJECT”,  a platform for new types of shows with worldwide emerging artists regardless of his/her creating media and forms. In this project, the artists will create artworks in connection with local culture through various ways, such as residency program, site-specific installation, providing the audience with diverse perspectives on contemporary art interpretation.


南台別院 x 路由藝術 : 基斯·古祖瓦德在台南進⾏色彩探索⼯作坊及藝術講座 Nan Tai Temple x Nunu Fine Art : Kees Goudzwaard’s Colour Workshop and Artist Talk in Tainan

路由藝術除了在台北空間舉辦個展及對談外,同時也與台南的南台別院合作,舉辦⼀場色彩探索工作坊及以「傳統延續與創新」 為主題的公益講座,邀請藝術家基斯·古祖瓦德帶大家深入他的作品。 【瞭解更多...】

To let more people know and understand Kees's work and its concept, Nunu Fine Art not only hold Kees Goudzwaard's solo exhibition in Taipei site, but also collaborate with Fo Guang Shan Nan Tai Temple to hold Artist Talk in Tainan. 【Learn More..】

Mystic Data Bender _ 神秘資料狂歡,2019,油料於畫布 _ Oil on canvas 122.5 x 207.7 cm _ 48 x 84 inches.jpg

菲律賓藝術家雙個展: 基恩・保羅・馬汀 & 席康・森尼斯 Filipino Artists Double Solo Exhibitions: Gene Paul Martin & Ciron Señeres


Southeast Asia has been on critical trade route since ancient times and thus is deeply influenced by different cultures and religions. The influence of China, India, Arab immigrants and merchants, the colonization of Western Countries, complicated by Southeast Asia's own spiritual beliefs, form an unique Southeast Asian art. [Learn More..]

阿里.貝瓦吉Ari Bayuaji〈祈禱之珠 #3|Prayer Beads #3〉,2018,拾得塑膠繩、漁網、金屬項鍊、青銅鐘、壓克力|Found Plastic ropes, parts of fishing net, metal necklace, bronze bell, acrylic paint,96 x 26 x 15 cm|38 x 10 x 6''(局部圖).jpg

「天堂島」阿里・貝瓦吉的文化再製藝術 Island of Paradise: Ari Bayuaji Recreating Cultural Values

藝術家阿里・貝瓦吉(Ari Bayuaji)出生於印尼,大學畢業後前往歐洲求學,而後定居在加拿大法語區的蒙特婁。跨文化的成長過程使他累積了豐富的生活體驗,也因此創作中總是充滿著文化交融的語彙。長期以來,貝瓦吉省思著大自然與人類的共存關係。【瞭解更多...】

Ari Bayuaji has been consistent in his work by using found and readymade objects as materials of his artworks. Over the past several years, He has been building a collection of objects from various places in the world that were used in daily life, old and new objects.......[Learn More..]

螢幕快照 2017-12-08 上午11.29.55.png

阿奎禮贊夫婦 串連台灣農業的「左翼計畫」 Aquilizan "The Left Wing Project in Taiwan"

擅長與在地社群合作、深入田野現場創作的阿奎禮贊夫婦,將於 2018 下半年再度來台發表最新計畫。「左翼計畫」為連結東南亞諸國農業議題的大型計畫,過去兩年率先於印尼日惹、菲律賓塔瓦科兩地啟動。今年12月,台灣站將以「二手農用鐮刀募集」活動作為起點,開啟藉由當代藝術反思在地農業議題的一系列討論。【瞭解更多...】

“The Left Wing Project” has been started since 2015, which focuses on agricultural issues in Southeast Asia in historical and geographical perspective. After Yogyakarta, Indonesia and Tabaco, Philippines, they take Taiwan as the next stop of their project in 2018. [Learn More..]

Stijn Ank-MoCA.jpg

史丹・安克 台北當代館個展「在空之間」Stijn Ank Solo Show in MoCA, Taipei "Unvoid"

首次與台灣公立藝術機構合作,將比利時藝術家史丹・安克(Stijn Ank)因地制宜的雕塑創作帶進台北當代藝術館。有著建築設計師背景的安克,在實地考察展示空間與環境後,從台灣建築特色(當代館為日式建築,原為校舍,後由台北市政府遷入改為辦公空間)、群眾觀展習慣出發,現地完成兩件熟石膏灌模的作品。【瞭解更多...】

The solo exhibition "Unvoid" in MoCA, Taipei by Stijn Ank, a Belgian artist with working experience as an architect, was the first collaboration NUNU FINE ART has with official organization. [Learn More..]


摩根・歐哈拉行為藝術:週五下班夜 Morgan O'Hara Live Transmission: Friday Night


“Friday Night Kitchen” indicates the four performance art that took place in the gallery. The white-cube space was replaced by a Taiwanese restaurant with the chef, the bartender, the staff, the gluttons, and the artist Morgan O’Hara. [Learn More..]

Aliansyah Caniago-Luzhu.jpg

阿里安山・卡尼安哥 蘆竹湳駐村創作計劃 Aliansyah Caniago's Residency Program in Luzhu


In the second year cooperating with Luzhunan village, we decided to invite Aliansyah Caniago to Taiwan, which makes our artists-in-residence programs a special project as it includes more interactions with the local community. [Learn More..]

Keb Cerda-Omniscope.jpg

凱博・賽達「每日穿搭」創作計劃 Keb Cerda OOTD project


Keb Cerda presents two sets of imagery: the first one being faithful reproductions of old ethnographic photos of the mountain peoples of the Philippines; the second, on the other hand, shows different fashion articles reminiscent of print advertisements. [Learn More..]

Iabadiou Piko-Luzhu.jpg

伊亞拜迪歐・匹可 蘆竹湳駐村創作計劃 Iabadiou Piko's Residency Program in Luzhu


Iabadiou Piko was invited to Taiwan for a residency program in the collaboration with Luzhunan village, a complex buildings with highly-conserved traditional dwellings and special geographical environment. [Learn More..]


阿奎禮贊夫婦 在地社區創作展覽計畫 Aquilizan artist-in-residence program in Taiwan


In this project, the artists Aquilizans collaborated with NPO organization One-Forty, and more than a dozen of art-related background students. They used cardboard, daily objects with regional and cultural symbols to create small paper boats.  [Learn More..]

Vertical Submarine-show.jpg


Vertical Submarine Space Installation "John Martin: the Butcher and the Surgeon"


In the late 2015, artist group Vertical Submarine opened their exhibition “John Martin: the Butcher and the Surgeon” in Taipei. For the very first time, the gallery is going to reform its interior space to represent the show. [Learn More..]


瑪雅・海薇 蘆竹湳駐村創作計劃 Maya Hewitt's Residency Program in Luzhu

首次與苗栗蘆竹湳古厝、刊物《Not Today》合作,邀請英菲混血藝術家瑪雅・海薇在2014年11月來到台灣展開駐村計畫。海薇獨特而難以被歸類的繪畫,恰能讀出她揉雜東西文化的詮釋天賦。駐村經過近一年的沈澱後,海薇將期間她所感受與吸取的能量投射畫布,再現世界另一端的片段凝視。【瞭解更多...】

Circling One Another” was the solo exhibition of British artist Maya Hewitt after her residency in Luzhunan. It is the first time that NUNU FINE ART collaborates with Luzhunan village and the publication “Not Today”. [Learn More..]